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Location: Agarsure, Alibag, Maharastra, India
Organic architecture reflects truly as a mirror.

“Beauty is truth,truth is beauty,
- that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

“In music as in painting and even in the written word, which is however the most definite of the arts, there is always an empty space filled in by the imagination of the listener”
Location: Sutarwadi, Kollard, Maharastra, India
Client: Z BAC
“House should ‘grow’ out of its site, almost as part of the natural process.”

We try to put into that house a sense of unity -of the altogether that makes it a part of the site. If the thing is successful you can’t imagine that house anywhere than right where it is. It is a gracious part of its environment. It graces its environment,rather than disgraces it.
“God and Nature are one”
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